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We launched Zelophehad’s Daughters in January of 2006, so it’s ten years old this month. A decade! There are a lot of older blogs on the Bloggernacle, but I’m still kind of amazed by this. I don’t think I would have guessed when we started that we would continue for this long.

To celebrate our tenth birthday, I looked back at our posts that generated the most traffic. Here is a list of the highest-traffic1 post by each person who has blogged here regularly.

Apame: It wasn’t about pants…but then it became about pants. And that’s why I’m wearing pants.
Beatrice: Another Conversation Stopper
The Bouncer: LDS Church Leadership Agrees to Meet with Kate Kelly
Elbereth: The Five Universal Truths of Road Trips
Eve: Don’t Be My Ally*
Galdralag: For Kate
Katya: How EFY Promotes Immodesty
Kiskilili: If A Woman Strips Naked in a Forest and No One Sees Her, Is She Still Pornography?
Lynnette: Church Discourse on Homosexuality
Melyngoch: Seven Modest Outfits from the Golden Globes
Mike C: The More Things Change…
Pandora: Dona Nobis Aequalitatem
Petra: I Loved to See the Temple
Seraphine: Being a 30-something Single in the Church: Part V, the Law of Chastity
Vada: I Hate Breastfeeding
Ziff: Church President Probability Changes with President Packer’s Death

Of course traffic is far from a perfect measure of what posts are most enjoyed. If you like, please feel free to share your favorite ZD posts in the comments.


1. I took data from our StatCounter plugin and subtracted out the traffic numbers for days close in time that had zero posts, so that kind of adjusts for the general traffic level at the time. We just have a free StatCounter account, so I didn’t have traffic by post page, so I just used total traffic on the day a post was written and also attributed to it some fraction of traffic for the next few days, but less if there was also a new post up in the next few days. Really, this is just for fun, so you probably don’t much care too much about my method. 🙂


  1. Congratulations! I wanted to let you know I’ve been a reader since 2007/2008 and have found this blog to be thought-provoking and a wonderful learning tool for me. I’ve appreciated your perspectives on the intersections of mormonism/faith and mental health, LGBTQ, charity, grace, policy, and feminism. I tried making a ‘top 10’ list of my own, but was quickly overwhelmed with potential candidates. I will say that ‘Chicken Patriarchy’ is historic. I’ve appreciated Ziff’s statistical reports on everything from predicting the next prophet and the brethren’s probability for Alzheimer’s, to calculating favorite hymns, scriptures, etc. The post ‘Two Thoughts from an Ordained Woman’ reframed my thinking about God. I consulted ZD for news about Kate Kelly, and cheered when you posted ‘For Kate’ and advised her ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’. There are many other favorites I could list by each and every author.

    Thank you for doing this . . . keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks, Mortimer! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed us for so long!

    And that’s a great question, Kristine. I’ll put that together and put it up.

  3. Thanks, Emily U! Right back atcha! We love you and your fellow Exponent bloggers!

    Moss, thanks for putting together such a great list! Those are all some of my favorites too!

  4. Happy Birthday, ZD! Not to get too drippy, but I can honestly credit the amazing, thoughtful postings on ZD over the 8 yrs I’ve been reading for helping me look at things in new lights, process a lot of my church issues, and finally exit with more calm and perspective I might have otherwise. Thank you!

  5. Thanks, M! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

    And thanks for your comment, Sheila. I’m so happy to hear that we’ve been so helpful to you in your journey!

  6. I do have to say when I first started reading ZD it was on the down-low when I lived in Virginia. One time we went over to a friend’s house for dinner and when they mentioned they read ZD, too, I said, “I’VE FOUND MY PEOPLE!” It was a liberating moment to find fellow feminists in Appalachia.

    So HBD ZD, may you inspire many more Kristine A’s to start blogging 🙂


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