LDS Church Leadership Agrees to Meet with Kate Kelly

In a surprising turn of events, LDS Church leaders have finally agreed to meet with female ordination activist and human rights attorney, Kate Kelly. After ignoring or rebuffing her requests for over a year, Church leaders have invited her to a meeting in her former ward building in Virginia on June 22nd.

According to the Church Public Affairs department, this meeting is an attempt to continue the many “wonderful conversations with Mormon women” that the Church has reported having taken place, including past discussions with Margaret Toscano, Lavina Fielding Anderson, and Maxine Hanks, to name only a few.

However, having temporarily moved to Utah, Kate Kelly is refusing to attend the meeting, much to the confusion of Church leaders and members alike, who are wondering why she would avoid a conversation that she and her organization, Ordain Women, has long sought.

Nevertheless, the Church is pushing forward in its outreach to Mormon feminists, with many local bishops now seeking “wonderful conversations” with women in their congregations in order to discuss matters of importance to these women, such as church callings and temple recommends.

The outcome of these conversations remains to be seen and is difficult to predict since they are structured by rules in Church Handbook One, which is not available to women. Church leaders insist, however, that such conversations are being held “out of love” for these sisters, and that they will clarify the place for Mormon feminists in the LDS Church.


  1. Now that was just mean. :). I woke up and saw this wonderful headline and my heart cheered, you know, for about 20 seconds. It was very funny in the end. Blerg, I am exhausted and appreciate both the humor and biting sarcasm in this post.

  2. Isn’t this spirit of inclusion beautiful? Now the doors have been opened for more and more Mormon feminists to be subjected to disciplinary inclusion.

  3. If I’d realized the dialogue about women’s issues that PR referred to were those with Margaret Toscano and Janice Allred, I would have understood this whole situation better from the beginning.

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