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    They need to fix the question where if you tick yes, you input an email address, but if you tick no then no address is required, but they still won’t proceed without an email address! The one about contacting in 6 months time.

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    Hi, I started this survey and I find the topic interesting, but many of the questions are poorly written, leading, and offer false choices. For example, “Is alcohol/ divorce/ abortion morally wrong?” only allows the answer of “yes/no,” but the answer for most people is far more nuanced (Mormons often view alcohol as morally wrong for themselves and other Mormons, but not for non-Mormons; abortion is seen as morally acceptable in some cases but not in others; same with divorce). The sliders about scripture being the word of God or written by man offers only 2 choices, where a third is clearly missing (that man could write the will/word/intent of God). As a professional in the field of test and survey writing, I could go question-by-question and re-edit this survey (which it badly needs), but I don’t have the time or interest right now. Just be aware that the results of this survey will likely be badly skewed because of the poorly written survey.

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    Yes, just took the survey and was also a little disappointed with some of the questions, for the reasons you describe, Liz H. I also wish they would have asked more about how people come to have the survey so that they’ll have a better notion of where their sample comes from.

    That being said, I’m glad someone is making this effort. I think it is a positive thing. Also, I basically said that in my unbiased opinion ZD is the best blog ever.

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    Having worked in a call center before, I am familiar with non-partial questions and the wording here was impressive.

    While the answers could have been more nuanced, they probably got the job done for UW Madison.

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    And what’s with the Democrat or Republican political question? Don’t 7 million Mormons live outside the US?

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