Welcome, Mike C!

Mike C has done a couple of great guest posts for us recently, and we’re excited to announce that after the appropriate contract negotiations, he has been officially adopted by ZD.

A little bit about Mike: he majored in mathematics, and now works on the epidemiology of herpes viruses. (Just to clarify, he doesn’t have herpes but he’s working on it.) With this background he is very popular at parties. He has five children and a wonderful wife. He currently teaches early-morning seminary, probably as penance for some shenanigans in the pre-existence. He started blogging by accident and has continued because so far no one has managed to stop him.

Welcome, Mike! It’s great to have you on board.

10 thoughts on “Welcome, Mike C!

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    “he doesn’t have herpes but he’s working on it”

    From his background, it sounds like he should know better than to work on getting herpes.

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    Yay! So glad you’re here.

    Though this does create a dilemma: now that we have two male permabloggers, who is going to preside?

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    Though this does create a dilemma: now that we have two male permabloggers, who is going to preside?

    Reality show!! What kind of obstacle course do you think best weeds out those whose nature and disposition lead them immediately to unrighteous dominion?

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    Thanks everyone, good to be here!

    I know I am not equal to Ziff, so I’m afraid I can’t preside or be equal. But, if we had a cage match for a Krispy Kreme donut, I am sure the unrighteous dominion in me would come out.

    Actually, I was assuming that since this is a feminist blog I would be placed on a pedestal, told how incredible I am, and asked to write special interest posts about sports and fixing cars for the stray man who wanders onto the blog. Is that not it? Maybe I need to review the fine print of the contract negotiations.

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    I’m a big Mike fan already! Excited to read more of your insights (and jokes).

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    Oh, I think we can preside as equal partners like the FamProc says, right Mike?

    Or perhaps more appropriately, we should be the equal partners who are presided over by everyone else on the blog.

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    Thanks for stopping by, Sam! I now have proof that ZD is read in the Southern hemisphere. We’re excited y’all will be our neighbors soon. I’ll almost be tempted to walk over to borrow an egg or a cup of sugar.

    Ziff, equal partners who are presided over by everyone else sounds good to me, although I guess that means no cage match? Perhaps having two male permas at ZD is what the PotF was referring to when it states that, “…other [blogging] circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation.” It’s more likely, however, that two male permas, “…will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets.”

    If only Zelophehad had had (I’ve always wanted to write that :-) ) some sons, perhaps we would not have to wonder so much about our divine purpose.

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