Variations on a Creepy Theme by Anne Campbell

(with no apologies.)

You are the life I threw away,
The happiness I never had;
You’re everything I’ll never do—
But whatever you do, don’t feel bad!

You are the naps I never take,
the toilet where I flushed my dreams away
You’re all the hobbies I don’t have.
No need for guilt! It’s all okay!

You are my halted education,
Projects smothered before they began;
You are my withered sense of self;
You are my snuffed out hopes and plans.

You are the mortgage I can’t afford,
You are the car that actually drives.
You are the only thing I have left.
No problem. You are my whole life.


  1. First: as a Mormon, I will admit I was very confused about this scjuebt only a couple of weeks ago. But I recently learned something. A man is not MARRIED to two different women, only sealed. It would take a long time to explain it fully, but just know that being sealed simply means that you can be with someone forever in your eternal family . You aren’t married to two different people, simply, you can be with them in the next life.Second: polygamy was originally commanded, back in the 1800 s. This was commanded so we could grow as a community. After the doctrine and covenants ended, and we no longer needed this commandment, we were commanded to stop. If we had a record of every prophets communication with god, we would have record that we were COMMANDED TO STOP. The fundamentalist latter day saints, or the FLDS, are a group of people who have continued the polygamy practice, a of they may call themselves mormons, but they are not the same religion as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. +34Was this answer helpful?


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