…More Stuff We Haven’t Posted

In the past, ZD has posted titles of unpublished drafts for your consideration and perusal. Currently there are a whopping 933 unpublished drafts in our queue. Here are the titles of a few:

  1. When Correlation Becomes Causation
  2. Niche Blogs
  3. What would a feminist temple ceremony look like?
  4. In Defense of Otterson
  5. Boundaries, Abundance, and the Tyranny of Sameness
  6. More on Modesty/Moron Modesty
  7. 5 Books that are Truer than the Book of Mormon
  8. Optimally (un)reasonable commandments
  9. Everything I know about Feminism I Learned from the 1970s
  10. Cheap Liberal Critiques
  11. I didn’t take my husband’s name. Am I breaking my temple covenants?
  12. Is It Better to Have People in Callings They’re Good At?
  13. Credit, Blame, and the Influence of the Church
  14. Chicken Patriarchy and Transubstantiation
  15. The Husband is the Prophet to the Wife
  16. What Did We Lose When Women Were Declared Equal?
  17. Heavenly Mother’s Love Language
  18. My Journey into Mormon Feminism
  19. Alone with God
  20. Plan of salvation, er, happiness
  21. The Juvenilization of Mormonism
  22. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Police
  23. Changing my orientation to religion
  24. The Dance of the Dissident Reader
  25. Mormonism in the Spiritual Marketplace
  26. Offended
  27. Polygamy as Isaacan Test
  28. Mormon Marriage Martyrs
  29. Return of the Lexicographer: Mostly Modest, if a Little Bit Vain
  30. What Makes an Experience Normative?
  31. With a God Like That, Who Needs Satan?
  32. The Epistemology of the Hope Chest
  33. Five Percenter and Mormon? Dissonance, Race, and Faith



  1. But wait! I promise, I’m just about to finish up some of those. Any time now I’ll be done. 😉

    Actually, what I really want to have happen is for whoever owns “With a God Like That, Who Needs Satan?” to hurry up and finish it.

  2. Too many to choose from! The statistician in me is begging you to finish “When correlation becomes causation.” SERIOUSLY. I have to read this (especially since I suspect there is some clever wordplay going on there).
    Also, feminist temple ceremony? YES PLEASE.
    Also, please finish: juvenilization, chicken patriarchy & transubstantiation, and “the husband is the prophet to the wife.” Oh, and all the rest of them.

  3. I love that you do this. They all sound fantastic, but I especially, especially, especially want to see these posts:

    What would a feminist temple ceremony look like?
    Five books that are truer than the Book of Mormon.
    Everything I know about feminism I learned from the 1970s
    The juvenilization of Mormonism
    Self-fulfilling prophecy police
    The Dance of the Dissident Reader
    With a God like that, who needs Satan?
    Five percenter and Mormon?

  4. Who ever is the author of “What would a feminist temple ceremony look like?” please contact me. I am currently in the process of retiring as Presiding Patriarch of the Church of the Firstborn. I have my Master’s from BYU. I am interested in working with someone who has her endowments and can help me redefine the Godhead from a feminist, endowed and literate POV. There is a paper here for someone. I am on FaceBook. Please find me.

  5. I would like to read “Boundaries, Abundance, and the Tyranny of Sameness.”
    A lot of non-feminists insist that feminism has failed because it refuses to acknowledge that men and women are different. I think that when we insist that men and women are different, then start describing how they’re different, we put men and women into categories. It isn’t much of a stretch from there to insist that “men are…” and that “women are…” Then if men and women want to fit the definition of what they should be, they have to fit into those categories and all women (and all men) become the same as each other.
    This is only one example of the tyranny of sameness (and the one that makes me craziest), but the concept is the same no matter what conformity we demand. We set ourselves up for exclusion when there’s a dichotomy (Lord’s side/Satan’s side, conservative/liberal, believer/apostate) and refuse to acknowledge that we’re individuals, struggling to figure things out and that our journey of faith or obedience or knowledge is unique and definitely not linear. We demand conformity by insisting that each and every thought and action delineates what side we’re on, not allowing for progression, change, learning, and repentance. If we don’t obey exactly, we are other. If we have the wrong number of earrings or work outside the home or vote the wrong way, we’re not the same and therefore we’re evil.
    Of course, this is totally contrary to the gospel, but that doesn’t stop it from happening.


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