Reason and Emotion

When the BBC’s modern version of Sherlock aired in 2010, it appealed to my deep seated love of problem solving, mysteries and attention to detail. I had read The Hound of the Baskervilles and one or two of the short stories in the past, but decided to read the entire Sherlock canon, which is comprised of four novels and 56 short stories. Overall, they were a very enjoyable read. However, given that the stories were written between 1887 and 1921 it is not surprising that Sherlock holds some extremely sexist attitudes.   Read More

Living Authentically and the Mormon Child Bride

I had the opportunity (and the very narrow window of time) a few weeks ago to drop in on exactly one session of the Salt Lake City Mormon Stories Conference.  I was pleasantly surprised there when I got the chance to meet and listen to one of my blogging crushes–the “Mormon Child Bride.” 

Her reflections about faith transitions, navigating family and cultural expectations, authentic living, and experiences with doubt and belief were so perfectly done, so wonderfully vivid, and so refreshingly well-composed (as only a teacher of English could do) that I asked if I could share her latest here.  

Graciously she agreed, and so, without further ado, I give you the words and the faith journey of the very much admired MCB.

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How do we offer pastoral care?

One of the overarching themes that I see reiterated throughout the bloggernacle – or perhaps, one of the pervasive subtexts – is that LDS people are in need of pastoral care. They seek a space to voice their doubts, to bring their honest concerns and deepest hurts; to ultimately come and find the succor and peace of God. And, because we are a church run by laymen, we struggle to find that space. We are not always, despite our best intentions, able to serve one another. We cannot always see each other’s hearts. We cannot always offer love as we should, or compassion as we should. Most often, I believe, people seek mercy and understanding. They want to know – they need to know – that despite their stupidity, their arrogance, their mistakes, despite being petulant and petty, despite sometimes being mean and cruel, they are and can be good enough. They can change. They can grow. They can purge themselves of the ugly parts. It’s worth trying again. They are worth it.

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I find this problematic…but should I?

E-mail received today: 

Bishop ***** and I both endorse an effort of the ******* Catholic Church to bring  to light religious freedoms being encroached upon by our government,  and encourage all Latter Day Saints to participate in an open invitation to all Christian congregations to attend an Interdenominational prayer service for religious liberty on Saturday June 16th @ 7:00 PM at **********.

 Let’s support our Christian Brothers in something we can agree on! 

Note (added after publishing):  Some have (I can now see, understandably) assumed that this e-mail was sent by the Bishop’s wife.  However, it was actually sent by a bishop who is just referring to a neighboring ward’s bishop who is in agreement.  So, there was no “pulling rank” from a wife going on or anything strange like that.