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Pieces of My Feminist History (Part 4)

Posted by Lynnette

I mentioned in my last post that I found FMH in the spring of 2005. I periodically looked at the bloggernacle that year, but much of my time online was spent on another, mental-health related message board, and I didn’t have time to be involved in many more online activities. Also, while I was intrigued […]

Pieces of My Feminist History (Part 3)

Posted by Lynnette

As I mentioned in my last post, I wasn’t planning to study theology when I went off to grad school. But once I started, I fell in love with it. I’ve blogged before about how it affected my faith more generally. But here I want to mention some of the issues that came up which […]

Mormonism Has the Most Sexist Cosmology of Any Religion

Posted by Kiskilili

Our planet’s head support staff is comprised of three males: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Heavenly Mother gets an occasional sideways glance in current publications (and so do her sister wives if you go back a bit), but is never mentioned even once in any scriptural or liturgical text; she’s a grainy mirage of a […]

Pieces of My Feminist History (Part 2)

Posted by Lynnette

I didn’t plan to go to BYU. In fact, I planned to go anywhere but BYU. As a teenager, I was determined to get out of the state of Utah. But when my senior year rolled around, and BYU offered me money, and I looked at the financial realities of my situation—it made sense. So […]

Pieces of My Feminist History (Part 1)

Posted by Lynnette

I first saw the Star Wars movies when I was eleven, shortly after my parents purchased our first VCR. I was an immediate and enthusiastic convert. My siblings and I watched the movies over and over—in the days before we owned them, we used to check them out from the library every week (my mother […]

Anonymity and Comment Wars: Facebook vs. Blogging

Posted by Lynnette

When people talk about the reasons for uncivil behavior on the internet, anonymity is often mentioned as a culprit. If no one knows who you are, the theory goes, you’re less likely to censor yourself. And it certainly is ridiculously easy to find people posting under pseudonyms and tearing each other apart. (Just check out […]


Posted by Lynnette

Some recent Facebook bloggernacle conversation has gotten me thinking once again about an issue that I’ve been meaning to blog about for a long time. (I probably started this post during the Prop 8 Blog Wars, but in classic ZD fashion, never got around to finishing it.) My original title was something like “Should We […]

Describing Women’s Participation in the Church

Posted by Ziff

How do we describe women’s participation in the Church to non-Mormons? There have been a few recent published statements that have all attempted this and have, in my view, all gotten it wrong in the same way.

Some Random Questions

Posted by Lynnette

Just for fun:

Joanna Brooks, Ralph Hancock, and The Book of Mormon Girl

Posted by Lynnette

If you follow the bloggernacle, by this time, you are likely familiar with Ralph Hancock’s recent two-part article at Meridian Magazine (parts one and two) about Joanna Brooks’ memoir, The Book of Mormon Girl. (See discussions here, here, and here.) I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I found this essay seriously […]

Elder Uchtdorf to Don Burqa

Posted by ZD

Circumcision Panel

Posted by ZD

Recently the ZDs brought together a panel of experts in male reproductive health to discuss an important but sensitive issue that affects all of us, with implications for religion, hygiene, and public policy. This is an abridged transcript of that discussion. Myrtle-Jane Merryweather, moderator Harriet Appleworthy, MD Lucy Quackenbush, PhD, child psychology Rachel Goldfarb, professional […]