Zelophehad’s Daughters

Why I Am Not A Mother (Yet)

Posted by Petra

I’ve been married for a little over two years now and I don’t have any children yet. I realize that isn’t unusual, even in Mormonism, and no one around me has put any pressure on me to start, with the possible exception of my mother, who I am pretty sure is joking. Mostly. I’m sure […]

Mormon Lit Blitz

Posted by ZD

FYI–this looks like fun. We must read, and think, and feel, and pray, and then bring forth our thoughts, and polish and preserve them. This will make literature.”—Orson F. Whitney

Tithing Workaround

Posted by Apame

I love the idea of tithing.  It reminds me that money is just money–and if I can’t give it away then I don’t own it, it owns me.  It’s a wonderful reminder to set aside a percentage of my income to help those around me who are in a rough patch.  It makes me a […]

MHA Awards

Posted by ZD

Hey, all you scholars of Mormon history. Check this out. Prizes! Money! Everlasting fame! From the Mormon History Association: The Mormon History Association will give its yearly awards for the best books, articles, dissertation, thesis, and student papers published or written on Mormon history during 2011 at its annual 2012 conference, which will be held […]

What One Thing Would You Change About the Church?

Posted by ZD

If you could change one thing about the church, what would you change, and why? No, you don’t have the power to change the church. But there’s value in making your voice heard anyway: to you, to others who share your issues but think they’re aberrant, and maybe even, eventually, to people in leadership positions: […]

Too Many Children

Posted by Eve

As a topic, motherhood has been written about so poorly and at such length that it is very difficult to write about well. It is especially difficult to write about well, and even more difficult to write about at length, when one actually is a mother and subject to incessant interruptions.

Practical Infallibility

Posted by Lynnette

We in the LDS church are fond of pointing out that we don’t believe in prophetic infallibility. At least in theory, we see prophets as human beings who sometimes make mistakes, and don’t expect them to be perfect. However, I’m not entirely clear as to what exactly what this means on a practical level. And […]

Apostasy Conference

Posted by ZD

If you’re around BYU, you should check this out. There’s some exciting scholarship going on in this area. Please join us for a conference, “Exploring Mormon Conceptions of Apostasy” to be held on March 1-2, 2012 at Brigham Young University.