Zelophehad’s Daughters

The Talk I Always Wanted to Give

Posted by Apame

Some of you requested the full-text for the talk I gave this last weekend on “Crises of Faith”… Here it is.

Shout-Out to “Both Sides Now”

Posted by ZD

It’s feast or famine at ZD, and right now some of us, Poohlike, are wondering how to wait out the hurricane with only a few pots of honey. But don’t despair! If patience isn’t your cup of non-caffeinated fruit tea and you need a Mormon feminist blogging fix, head over to Beatrice and Galdralag’s new […]

Glacking: A Proclamation to the World

Posted by Melyngoch

A thought experiment: ______ By divine design, it is the responsibility of fathers to glack in their families, in love and righteousness. Mothers are primarily responsible for kribbling. Fathers are to glack in love and righteousness. Fathers are to provide their families with whatever glacking is necessary. A man who holds the priesthood will glack […]

Build Your Own Sacrament Meeting Talk Analogy

Posted by Melyngoch

Welcome to our new game, Build Your Own Sacrament Meeting Talk Analogy, where we give you the vignette, and you make the analogy. There are no rules, except the regular blogging ones, but the winner gets Kiskilili’s astrally projected soul speaking Ugaritik on their home answering machine or voicemail.

A Modest Proposal

Posted by Melyngoch

It is a melancholy object to all of us, whether in the heart of Zion or the fringes of the so-called “mission field,” to see how women who dress to flaunt their shapely knees and calves, or who purchase backpacks with only one strap to wear across the chest and make their double-breastedness evident to […]

In a Friggin’ Candy Store!

Posted by Apame

Husband and I just got assigned to speak and the topic is…. ::drumroll:: “Crises of Faith”