Zelophehad’s Daughters

An Update

Posted by Seraphine

So, I know that a number of months ago, I made a post about how I got engaged, and then I proceeded to disappear. My life has been pretty insane since then (work, health problems, wedding planning, etc.), but I wanted to give everyone an update on my life. So, here’s the first part of the story:

Obedience Is the First Law of Earth

Posted by Ziff

Reading Lynnette’s excellent post about obedience got me to wondering a little about whether the Church has always been as obedience-happy as it currently seems to be.

Why Don’t I Think the World is Ending Today?

Posted by Lynnette

Like most everyone I know, I’ve been pretty entertained by this whole the-world-is-ending-on-May-21 spectacle. I’ve gotten a kick of those who are planning post-rapture looting parties, or are signing up to be the caretakers of the pets of those who are raptured. I looked through several fabulous pamphlets, including “Another Infallible Proof” and “I Hope […]

Family Ties

Posted by Lynnette

When I was a kid, I would have said that one of the basic problems of my family was excessive geographical closeness. Not only were we all stuck in the same house, several of us were usually stuck sharing the same room. For a while I was with Kiskilili and Eve, and I can remember […]

Pay No Attention to the Misogynist Behind the Curtain

Posted by Lady Amalthea

[co-written with Melyngoch] The following tale of alien encounters is true.  And by true I mean false.  It’s all lies.  But they’re entertaining lies, and in the end, isn’t that the real truth?  The answer is: No. -“The Springfield Files“ In his forty-two years of political power, Muammar Gaddafi has usually not been shy about […]

The Giving Tree

Posted by Apame

I think Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree is the most terrifying of all the “beloved” children’s books ever written.


Posted by Lynnette

I graduate tomorrow. I’ve graduated a bunch in my life, starting with kindergarten, but this is it. The end of the line. I’m even breaking with my personal tradition and attending the ceremony, which I’ve avoided the last few times. Partly because I’m not crazy about graduations, partly for logistical reasons (I seem to have […]

The Damage of Mormon Mother’s Day Myths

Posted by Katya

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day, which means that many (most?) American LDS women who attended Sacrament Meeting were told that they have a lot of innate qualities, such as being righteous, spiritual, pure, or nurturing. Let us take as self-evident that, in reality, not all women are naturally pure or spiritual. Let us also posit […]

Are We Here On Earth to Learn to Play “Simon Says”?

Posted by Lynnette

I’ve never quite understood the idea that we’re primarily here on earth to learn obedience. It’s the kind of thing that you’d think we could have practiced to boring but pristine perfection in the pre-mortal life. Ahh, you say, but the difference is that here we have to learn to obey even when God isn’t […]

Fan Mail

Posted by Lynnette

Anyone who has a blog knows that the ratio of spam to actual comments is crazy high. On ZD over the past five years, we’ve had about 16,000 comments—and 215,000 pieces of spam. Fortunately almost all of it gets caught, though some occasionally make their way through. (More unfortunately, sometimes actual comments get mislabeled, so […]

Why Do We Keep Talking About This Stuff?

Posted by Lynnette

So BCC is having a poll about what topics people are sick to death of discussing, and “gender inequality” is currently well in the lead. I don’t know if I should be annoyed about this, or pleased by the fact that Bloggernaclerites are clearly well aware of issues of gender inequality, even if they don’t […]

On Submission

Posted by Apame

Submission can be a beautiful thing. Really. It can.

A Thought Experiment

Posted by Lynnette

Imagine a somewhat different temple narrative, in which:

Why Not Do Better Temple Prep?

Posted by Lynnette

Our latest round of debating the meaning of “hearken” has raised another problem which frequently comes up in this discussion: people being blindsided by the temple. The fact that all the covenants aren’t explicitly spelled out in advance is something I’ve never understood. Why aren’t we teaching them to people all along? How can the […]

Data Deniers’ Delight: The Mormon Gender Gap Is Unremarkable

Posted by Ziff

Pew’s 2007 Religious Landscape Survey (of the US) found that 56% of respondents who identified as LDS were women. Is that a lot?