New ZDs!

We are excited to announce that after several years of discussing whether we should add new bloggers but never getting around to it (in classic ZD fashion), we have recruited two new bloggers: Apame and Petra.

When asked to describe herself, Apame said that she was born and is currently alive. (A good beginning.)  She also notes that she is here because of fate. She has a maximum two degrees of separation from every ZD perma, and most of those links are completely unrelated. It was only a matter of time  . . . She also likes discussing feminist theory, religion in general, sexual theology, and show tunes. She is a consummate nerd, in the mode of Ira Glass. Currently, Apame spends her days creating analytical maps for a biological reserve, doing graduate coursework in the evenings, and spending the rest of her time with her similarly nerdy yet dashingly handsome husband who styles himself after WNYC’s Radiolab host, Jad Abumrad. (There seems to be some fondness for NPR here).

Petra has been a frequent lurker in the Bloggernacle since 2006, but this is her first time actually writing; while she hates writing, her combined love of Mormonism, feminism, the ZDs, and saying yes, persuaded to come on board. She is a recent refugee from academia, having taken a hiatus from her PhD program in order to–gasp!–get a real job, and since her real job is in cushy, perk-filled Silicon Valley, she doubts she’ll go back to the degree. She loves to read, run barefoot, and bake bread, although she usually only does two of those three at once. She also spends a lot of time bicycling (especially to and from the library), hiking (but only to make her husband happy), and commuting.

Welcome! It’s great to have you both here.


  1. I’m very happy to have these new ZDs–I’ve known them both for several years, and can attest to their sterling character. By which I mean, of course, ability to rant about feminist issues. Welcome to both of you!

    (Yes, Th., we’ve lured in Petra. Though I’m not sure that any given ward should have more than one ZD at a time.)

  2. I hope those weren’t gasps of horror, Th.

    And if they were, don’t worry–I mesh with the ZDs so well that I don’t post much either.

    Thanks for the welcomes, everyone! I’m excited about being here, and I swear I’ll post sometime.

  3. Welcome aboard, new ZDs! Anyone whose sterling character is so readily affirmed by Lynnette is . . .

    err . . .

    probably a raving heretic. 🙂

    Welcome aboard! 🙂


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