The Stuff We Haven’t Blogged Yet

Two years ago, observing the fact that the ZDs seem to struggle a bit with finishing posts, I put up a screenshot of our post queue. Since then, I fear the situation has only gotten worse. We currently have 795 drafts which have yet to see the light of day. So just for fun, here is a scarily long list of titles you would see were you to poke your head into the ZD queue.

“…then will I make weak things become strong…”
“Everyone I Love Has Left”
“God Wouldn’t Do That”
“Hanging out” worked for me
“I was never taught that!”
“The Old Testament God is Mean”
…And Who Is My (Facebook) Friend?
A Feminist Chastity
A Few Blogging Etiquette Tips
A Kinder, Gentler Theory of Predestination
A Metaphorical Eve is Worse
A Mission as the Advent of Spiritual Maturity
A Moving Wall on
A Remedy for Guilt and Despair? Further Thoughts on Depression and Spirituality
A Response to Elder Oaks on Feminism
Absolute Consecration and Setting Limits with the Church
Abusing God
Acceptance and Change
Aesthetics in Religion
Affect and Reason
After All We Can Do
Agency is Power
All of the Credit and None of the Blame
Alone at Church
Ancient Temples
Anger within Feminism
Anonymity and Community
Anonymous Mormons
Another Theological Dilemma Involving Stuffed Animals
Anti-Mormon Literature
Anything I Can Do for You
Apologetics and Validation
Are Church programs goods, betters, or bests?
Are commandments any easier to nail down than doctrine?
Are Men Better Than Women? Confessions of a Secret Misogynist
Are Men More Accountable?
Are Mormons more depressed?
Are Muslims Christian?
Are there fundamentalist Mormons?
Are we big enough to have our very own argument?
Are We Promoting Female Narcissism?
Are we worried about encouraging singleness?
Are Women Necessary?
Are Women on the Level of God?
Are Women’s Bodies Holier Than Men’s?
Are You an Internet Addict?
Arguing With God
Avoid the Appearance of Capitulation
Being a 30-something Single in the Church: Part IX, Dating Advice
Being a 30-something Single in the Church: Part V, Attempts at Comfort
Being a 30-something Single in the Church: Part VI, Fulfillment
Being a 30-something Single in the Church: Part VII, Singles Wards
Being Engaged
Being Prayed For
Being Silly in a Serious Church
Between Bitterness and Hope: My Beliefs About God
Bible Bashing in 150 AD–the Forerunner of Blogging?
Big Tent Feminism?
Big Tent Mormonism
Binary Thinking and Morality
Birth Order
Black Christmas
Blame and Reader Response
Bloggers who know
Blogging and Arguing
Blogging and Time Zones
Blogging as Part of a Balanced Diet
Blogging Insecurities
Blood Transfusions and Priesthood
Book of Mormon Theodicy
Book of Mormon: For Our Day?
Book Recommendations
Bootstrapping the Brethren
Bored for the Lord
Breakfast Foods
Breaking the Good News
Can God Convert to Anglicanism?
Can Singles Be Friends With Marrieds?
Can You Will Yourself to Love People?
Canonization and Apostasy
Catholic Sacraments and Mormon Ordinances
Chapel Mormonism and Temple Mormonism
Charismatic Authority and Canonization
Chicken Patriarch Jokes
Childbirth Is Nothing to Post-Partum Depression
Children’s Literature
Christian-Jewish and Mormon-Christian Relations
Christmas and the Disenchantment of the World
Church Cliches
Church Leaders Are Extraverts
Circumcising the Mother Heart
Classifying people as righteous or not
Coming to Terms with my Femininity
Commandment level of specificity
Communication With Our Leaders
Community of Christ and Assimilation
Compartmentalization and Integration
Confessions of a Conflict-Avoidant Feminist Blogger
Conscience and the Light of Christ
Continuity With Antiquity, and Continuing Revelation
Contributions of Feminist Theology
Converted Too Young?
Co-opting Your Audience
Costs of Church programs
Creating Sacred Space
Creation Myths
Crowdsourcing my nacle favorites
Cultic Impurity
Culture and Women’s Equality
Culture of Secrecy
Dating Dilemmas
Dear Freud
Dear Miss Manners, May I Inquire about my Free Gift?
Debasing Motherhood
Deciding for Ourselves
Declarative Statements and Authority
Deep Doctrine
Defacing Public Books
Demystifying the Holy
Denying the Tragic
Divine Abandonment Went Unrecognized
Divine Gender Bending
Do Animals Evolve in Heaven?
Do Faith-Promoting Stories Damage Faith?
Do Men Need Patriarchy?
Do People Read the Posts They Comment On?
Do People Who Understand “through the Spirit” Still Have a Hermeneutic?
Do Relationships Have a Shelf Life?
Do Women Have a Preexistence?
Do Women Have Souls?
Do you have to be a high priest to be exalted?
Doctrine as Grammar
Does “Only True Church” Assume Globalization?
Does a Male-only Priesthood Harm Women?
Does a male-only priesthood pander to men’s weakness?
Does Ensign content vary with elections?
Does Everyone Have an Equal Shot at Salvation?
Does Everything Happen for a Reason?
Does Faith Come Before or After Revelation?
Does Female Ordination Benefit Men?
Does God Micromanage the Church?
Does God’s Gender Role Limit His Omnipotence?
Does the Church Have the Right to Tell Me God Loves Me?
Does the Devil Work for God?
Duty, Guilt, Motivation
Education and the Problem of Original Thought
Egalitarian Practice and Hierarchical Doctrine
Embarrassing Confession: I’m a Political Anti-Junkie
Embracing Ordinariness
Embracing random change that makes things harder
Enjoyment and Productivity, or, The Adventures of Supermom
Equality is the Gold Standard
Eulogy as Cautionary Tale
Eve and Original Sin
Eve in Ancient Liturgy
Eve, the Devil, and the Jews Get Short Shrift
Eve: The History of an Idea
Everyone Starts Out Female
Everything will be fixed in the end
Evil Confession: I Am A Self-Hating Mormon Woman
Evolutionary Psychology and Doctrine
Exaltation by Works
Excavating Heavenly Mother
Exercising Faith in Others’ Experiences
Facing the Judgment Bar
Faith and Intransitivity
Faith Is Vulnerability
Faith Without an Object Is Dead
Faith, Doubt, and Openness
Favorite Comments
Favorite Hymns
Fear, Love, Passion: A Few Thoughts on Reading
Feeling the Spirit and the Problem of Familiarity
Feminism and Ambivalence
Feminism and My Family of Origin
Feminism and Religion
Feminism and the Law of Chastity
Feminism Should Not Be Hip
Feminism’s Influence on the Church
Feminist Anger: a Double-Bind
Feminist Fathers of Daughters
Feminist Guilt
Feminist Lynchpin
Figuring out reasons for commandments
Flirting with Patriarchy: A Feminist Confession
Folk Doctrine
Follow-up to Grrrrrr!
Follow-up: Racism in the Temple Recommend
For Her Own Good
Frau Professor Mommy
Frogs in the Throat and Other Disturbing Images
Fun with Numbers: Family Size in the Ensign
Fun with Numbers: Predicting Church President Succession
Games for two
GAs’ love-hate relationship with letters
Gender and Identity
Gender and Perfection
Gender Hierarchy and Ecclesiastical Hierarchy
gender-biased GC addresses
Get Over People Who Can’t Just Get Over It
God and Emotions
God and the Law
God Changes His Mind
God Needs a Little Bo Peep Policy
God’s Embodied and Gendered; A Male God Can’t Experientially Understand Female Embodiment
God’s Favorites
Got Brains?
Gratitude and Panic
Growing Up in the Church
Heaven’s Library
Heavenly Father’s Personality Eliminates Heavenly Mother
Heavenly Mother and Excommunication
Heavenly Mother Was Frozen in Carbonite
Hell and the Problem of Evil
Hierarchies of Guilt
Hiking Pictures
Honoring Eve
How Being an SAHM Is Like Being a Graduate Student
How Did You All Get This Way? Reflections on My Wacky Siblings
How Do You Spend Your Computer Time?
How God’s Love Was Ducktaped Over My Mouth
How I Was Converted by the Feminists
How I’m Feminine
How many children?
How Presiding Works in My Marriage
How The Church Saved My Life
How to Be a Troll: 10 Easy Steps to Losing Friends and Alienating People
How to Read (Interpreting Spiritual Texts, part III)
Humor and Desecration
Hunger for God
I don’t want the priesthood
I Hate Nephi
I Quit
I suffered; you should have to too
I’m a Spiritual Slacker; Do I Need the Priesthood?
Idealization vs. Emulation
If Men Were Perfect
If We Can’t Have Sex in Hell, Can We Have Equality?
If We’re Going to Reject a Classical God, Let’s Go All the Way
If you don’t want her marrying another woman, why would you encourage her to marry a house?
If You Want to Know More About Mormons . . .
In All Seriousness
In Defense of Biblical Literalism
In Defense of the Documentary Hypothesis
In Praise of a Good Husband
In Print versus Face to Face
In Search of the Trojan War
Infant Mortality and the Purpose of Life
Institutional Aphasia
Integrity of the Self
Intertextuality (Interpreting Spiritual Texts, part II)
Into This Little Harem!
Is The Nurture Assumption evil?
Is Emotion Untrustworthy?
Is Evil Real?
Is Female the Default?
Is Feminism An Attack on Men?
Is God in the residual?
Is God Limited by Gender?
Is Happiness a Moral Obligation?
Is Heavenly Mother a Deadbeat Parent?
Is It Always a Good Idea to Seek Peace About Difficult Issues?
Is It Better to Have People in Callings They’re Good At?
Is It Ethical to Pursue Heaven?
Is it Possible to Reach False Conclusions Innocently?
Is Literature a Real Discipline?
Is Losing Weight a Moral Issue?
Is Motherhood a Job?
Is Motherhood for Mothers?
Is Obedience A Virtue?
Is Pronunciation a Moral Decision?
Is the Holy Ghost an It?
Is There A Trade-off Between Women’s Happiness and Children’s Happiness?
Josephine Smith
Judging Men By Their Wives
Kitsch and Mormon Doctrine
Knowing Covenants in Advance
LDS newsroom comments
Least Favorite Lines from Hymns
Let Us Add to the Truth You Have
Let’s Cut Mormon Men Some Slack
Let’s Start Some Mormon Religious Orders
Lex Orendi, Lex Credendi: Why Liturgy Matters
Liberal Orthodoxy
Liberalism and the Levitical Priesthood
Life Is Overwhelming
Liminal Mormonism
Loss of Belief, and Mourning With Those That Mourn
Love is a Form of Contempt
Madam, I’m Adam
Madame Bovary: Romance as the Enemy of Love
Mainstream Christian Feminism and Mormon Feminism
Making Sense of Despair
Making the best of things
Male-only Priesthood as a Division of Labor Solution
Man-Loving Feminism
Masculinity, a Gift from Heavenly Mother
Measuring Parental Success by Children’s Temple Marriages
Measuring the wrong thing
Meditation on the Cat
Memory and repentance
Men and Education
Men are Bad
Men Have Gender Too
Men in the Old Testament
Men Who Don’t Want Daughters
Men’s Stunning Incapacity for Abstract Thought
Mental Illness and Personal Revelation
Mercy and Justice, Reason and Emotion
Mesopotamian Religion and Mormonism
Messages to the YW
Metaphors and Rumors of Allegory
Methods in movie watching, and other vicarious experience
Middle Names
Millennial Expectations
Missionary Work to the Dead
Missions for Women
Models of Revelation, and the Possibility of Change
Modern Marcionites and the God of Vengeance
Modesty: What Would You Tell Your Daughter?
Moral Certitude
Moral Earnestness and Prissy Morality
More Double Dactyls
More Thoughts on Reason, Revelation, and Prophetic Authority
Mormon Values
Mormon Women and the Cult of Suffering
Mormons and Evolution
Mormons are so hardworking or devout
Mosiah 29 and Institutional Evil: Implications for Feminism
Motherhood and Identity
Motherhood and Power
Motherhood and Sacrifice
Motherhood and the Bloggernacle
Musings on Motherhood
Must I Give Up Analogies?
My Aspberger’s Paranoia
My Favorite Fictional Worlds
My Future Failings as a Mother
My Husband’s Inactivity and My Hope of Hell
My Intellectual Unfitness
my journey into Mormon feminism
my life as an eternal dog
My Nacle Notebook 2008: Personal Experience Comments
My Pioneer Day Realization
Myths About Other Christians
Nacle Notebook 2009: Funny comments
Nacle Notebook: Good Comments
Nacle Numbers 2007
Neighborhood Community v. Church Community
Netflix and the United Order
New Name for Mormons
No Man Has Any Priesthood
Notes from a Baddy-Baddy
Obedience, Happiness, and Success on Missions
On Honesty
On Passion
On the Divine Foolishness of Mission Life
On the Ethics of Praying for the Unbelievers
On the Ethics of Theological Discussion
On the Limits of Rationality
One More
One Year Later
Only one conversation can be had on this topic
Only True Churches?
Optimally (un)reasonable of commandments
Orange on the Passover Table
Ordaining Infants
Ordinances By Proxy
Organization Eludes Me
Original sins
Orthodoxy Police
Own Your Own Heresies
Owning the label
Paean to Goggy: Goggy the Genealogist
Parallel Roles
Parenting Theories, Love, and the Inevitability of Grief
Parenting, the Categorical Imperative, and the Fallacy of Division
Past Transgressions
Pathological Integrity
Patriarchal Revelation and Feminist Questions
Patriarchy and Equality: the Distribution
Patriarchy versus Religious Observance
Pay No Attention to the Woman Behind the Curtain
Pedagogical Trauma
People who switched saved an average of $250
Perfecting the Saints
Personality Tests
Phenomenological Equality
Phone Phobia
Pictures of Conference
Polygamy in the Eternities
Polytheism in the Old Testament
Ponette and Providence
Power and Gendered Discourse
Practical Infallibility
Praise Ruins Everything
Prayer and Favoritism
Prayer and the confirmation bias
Prejudiced Against Change
Pride as the Paradigmatic Sin
Priesthood as Privilege
Privatization of Questioning
Problem of Evil
Pro-Life Men, the Fertility Fanatics
Proto-Mormonism in the Old Testament
Psalm 89
Put Your Testimony in a Lockbox
Questions About Apologetics
Questions About LDS Christology
Questions and Reassurance
Questions of Faithfulness
Race in the Book of Mormon
Racist Folk Doctrine
Random Things I’ve Learned from Blogging
Random Thoughts on Under the Banner of Heaven
Reasoning and Emotional Appeals
Reclaiming the Personal Voice
Reconceptualizing Priesthood Privilege in a Postcolonial Era
Reconsidering Pascal’s Wager in Light of the Mormon Heaven
Redeeming the Dead
Reflections on Faith
Rehabilitating Biblical Literalism
Relativism in the Service of Dogma
Religion and Curiosity
Religion and Spirituality
Religion in the Academy
Religious Identity and Family Identity
Religious Indoctrination
Religious Music
Religious Tolerance
Renegotiating My Sense of Self
Resolving the Problem of Evil and Living in a Global Community
Revelation By Committee
Revelation That Calls for Others to Sacrifice
Righteous Dominion
Ritual Subordination: I Just Don’t Get It
Ritual, Testimony, and Sincerity
Romantic vs. Liberal Feminism
Sacrifice and Masochism in Women’s Emotional Lives
Sacrificing for God
Sacrilege and the Academy
Save the Children
Scholarship and Authority
Scripture As Ritual Apparatus
Secrecy and Authority
Secret Vows
Secular Presiding
Seeing the Hand of God
Self-Esteem and Feminism
Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
Semester-End Blues
Separating Doctrine from Policy
Serving on the Compassionate Service Committee
Shame versus Guilt
Should Other Churches Ordain Women?
Should the bloggernacle represent the Church?
Should the Church Publicly Disclose the Reasons for Excommunication?
Single Women and Temple Worthiness
Sister Beck and Conservative Mormons
Sister Loonytunes of the Church of Freakycult
Sleepwalking and Weird Dreams
Snoofidise Lost
Social Anti-Conversion
Socializing in Church
Song of the Righteous Is a Prayer
Sources of Feminist Critique
Space for Bad Experiences
Spiritual Interpretation (Interpreting Spiritual Texts, part IV)
Standing Up for Righteousness, and the Joy of Being Persecuted
Stories We Tell I: The Dream of an Adequate Language
Strange Theological Justifications in the Book of Mormon
Strawberries and Patriarchy
Struggling with Moral Superiority
Subscription Insanity
Suffering and Heaven
Sunday School presidency
Sunday School Q&A
Survey: Would You Like the Temple Weirder?
Surviving Wedding and Baby Showers
Symbols and Rumors of Symbols
Taking Pictures of My Handsome Boys
Temple Preparation: the Less, the Better
Temple, holiness, purity, and morality
Ten Anti-Feminist Canards I’m Sick and Tired of Refuting
Ten Favorite Movies
Text and Sacrality
The Angel with the Drawn Sword
The Atonement and Shame
The Bar for Staying is Lower Than the Bar for Getting In
The Beauty and the Power: Reclaiming Art from the Puritans
The Blessings of Being Single
The Bloggernacle as a Magazine
The Book of Mormon for Latter-day Saint Families
The Challenges of Family Blogging
The Challenges Posed by Gratitude
The Chivalry I Can Live Without
The Christian Problematics of a Positive Attitude
The Church Believes in Evolution after all
The Church Hurt Me More Than It Hurt You
The Church is Perfect
The Church of the Depressed
The Cleft in the World
The Cost of Ideals
The costs of Church participation
The Difficulty of Letting Go
The Diversity of Religious Experience
The Doctrine of Hell
The Eowyn Syndrome
The Errand of Prophets Is Given to Women, The Errand of Angels Is Given to Men
The Fallibility of Joseph Smith
The Family Is the Basic Unit
The Genius of the FamProc
The God of the Gaps
The God Who Questions
The Hermeneutic of the Unified Field Theory
The Hiddenness of Freedom
The Hypocrisy of Graduate School
The Idiosyncrodoxy Fallacy
The Illogic of Grammar Fascism
The Imperative Mood. A Bad Idea.
The Irony of the SSM Debate
The Joy of Taking Offense
The Joy of Ticket to Ride
The LDS Godhead and the Traditional Christian Trinity: Which is More Confusing?
The Lost Language of Literalism
The Love of God and the Status Quo
The Masculinzation of Sexuality
The Mormon Aesthetic
The Most and Least Likely Church Presidents
The Online Black Hole
The Pain of Stealth Doctrine Changes
The Peepstone is Far, Far Greater Than the Intellect
The Peepstone of Our Discontent
the priesthood: discriminatory to males?
The Problem of Acquaintanceship
The problem of egocentrism in perspective-taking
The Problem With Authenticity
The Problem With the Eternal Perspective Appeal
The Prophets Who Cried Wolf
The Quest for Happiness
The Role of General Authorities
The Rules are the Same for Everybody
The Sabbath
The Sacred Cow of Motherhood
The Scholar and the Beauty Queen at Education Week
The Selection Effect makes for Happy Church Members
The Shelf, the Cherrypicker, and the Skeleton in the Closet
The Social Meaning of the Female Body
The Solace of Words by Heart
The Splendor of the King James Language
The Symbolic and the Practical
The Talk I Want(ed) to Hear
The Ticket Fallacy
The Unbearable Weight of God’s Word
The Value of the Anti-Hero
The Veil is Very Thick
The Velveteen Rabbit Fallacy
The Virtue of Skepticism
The Warts of the Church
Theology and Grammatical Gender
Therapy and Absolution
Thinking About Paul
Those Who Leave the Bloggernacle, But Can’t Leave It Alone
Thoughts on Patriotism
Through Pain of Doubt and Bitterness
Thus Saith the LORD
Time and the Atonement
Tolerating Conformity
Too many loose threads
Torn: After the Temple Marriage, Life with an Atheist
Tracking Progress
Treating Others as Means to an End
True Confessions: I Blog Because It’s Fun
True versus appealing
Trust me, you’ll like it
Unconditional Love
Undercutting the Restoration
Understanding or Misunderstanding?
Unique Mormon Doctrine
Unity in Diversity
Update on the Bouncer
Validation and the Divine
Ward Blogging
Ward Roles
Was Mary a Virgin? Does It Matter?
We Live in a Fallen World: Let’s Embrace It
We Need an anti-Eve
We Seek After These Things
We Used to Know, But Now We Don’t
What Are Gender Roles?
What Are Other Religions?
What Are Sealings?
What Are the Scriptures Really For, Anyway?
What Does Evolution Mean to You?
What Does Loyalty Mean?
What Factors Lead to Difficult Temple Experiences?
What Have You Learned From Your Ideological Opponents?
What I Like About Mormonism
What I Miss Most About Church
What is Faith?
What Is Priesthood?
What is the marriage covenant?
What Makes an Experience Normative?
What Makes You Like Bloggers?
What message does the medium of blogging convey?
What Profanity Means to People Like Me
What Should You Tell Mormons About Their Faith?
What Will Mormon Feminism Look Like in A Hundred Years?
What’s a Stake For?
What’s the Authentic Mormonism?
What’s the Difference Between Scaling Back Expectations and Losing Faith?
What’s the purpose of the Ensign?
What’s Wrong With How We Talk About the Priesthood?
What’s Wrong With the Archetypal Adam and Eve
What’s Wrong With the Inoculation Debates
When In Doubt, Blame Constantine
When Repentance Doesn’t Work
When the Fundamentalist Label is Already Being Used
When the Spirit Leaves
When Was Sarah Endowed?
Where are all the BoM Prophetesses?
Where do Mormons and anti-Mormons agree?
Where Do Pro-Feminist Men Come From?
Where Much Is Given, Much Is Required
Whining About Whining
Who gets called to repentance more?
Who the heck is Stan? And why should I be worried about him?
Why “You Guys” Doesn’t Bother Me
Why are Feminism and Religion at Odds?
Why Blogs Are Good for the Church
Why Did the Chicken Patriarch Cross the Road?
Why Do We Love Misogynistic Proverbs?
Why do statisticians test the null hypothesis?
Why Do We Observe Mother’s Day?
Why Do You Support Women’s Suffrage?
Why don’t we give up the “we’re Christians” argument?
Why I Like Labels
Why I Love the Old Testament
Why I Prefer the Company of Religious Liberals (Even Though I’m Conservative)
Why I Struggle With Missionary Work
Why I’m a Bad Feminist
Why Men Are Better Than Women
Why Women Get Seen as More Righteous
Why Would Resurrected People Need Vicarious Ordinance Work?
Will Gays Be “Fixed” in the Next Life?
Without Blemish
Women and Bodies
Women and Neanderthals
Women and Priesthood: the Chestnut Tree
Women and Priesthood–Debunking the Myths
Women and Star Trek, Part 1: Classic Trek
Women and the Annihilation of the Ego
Women as Propriety Cops
Women as Subjects and Objects
Women at Education Week
Women in Scripture
Women in the Old Testament
Women, Blacks, and Original Sin
Women’s Bodies
Women’s Power is their Children
Women’s Pre-Existence Vs. Genesis 2/Paul’s Women Created for Men
Women’s Studies 101: Essentialism vs. Social Constructionism
Women’s Studies 101: Feminism and Men
Women’s Studies 101: Oppression and Privilege
Women’s Studies 101: Patriarchy
Women’s Studies 101: Sex vs. Gender
Would Eliminating Patriarchy Mean Eliminating Gender Differences?
Would You Go Back in Time?
Would you just please leave?
You are permitted
You Can’t Solve Social Problems at the Level of Individuals
You might be a chicken patriarch if . . .


  1. That’s quite a list. I vote, pretty please, that the following move up within the production schedule:

    Blogging and Time Zones
    Defacing Public Books
    Fear, Love, Passion: A Few Thoughts on Reading
    Feminist Anger: a Double-Bind
    Fun with Numbers: Family Size in the Ensign
    Heavenly Mother Was Frozen in Carbonite
    How Being an SAHM Is Like Being a Graduate Student
    I suffered; you should have to too
    Male-only Priesthood as a Division of Labor Solution
    Men’s Stunning Incapacity for Abstract Thought
    Missions for Women
    My Aspberger’s Paranoia
    Random Things I’ve Learned from Blogging
    The Eowyn Syndrome
    The Hermeneutic of the Unified Field Theory
    The Hypocrisy of Graduate School
    Was Mary a Virgin? Does It Matter?
    What’s Wrong With the Inoculation Debates

  2. I have to admit I started reading them through the B’s then realized how LONG the list actually is. Wow. I might come back here for inspiration when I’m out of ideas for my Exponent posts.

    This one did catch my eye as I was skimming.

    Men’s Stunning Incapacity for Abstract Thought

    Is this Ziff’s post or what?

  3. This list is just so tantalizing! Clearly, the ZD crew needs to quit their day jobs and get to work finishing these posts.

    Or, are perhaps you’re running across a problem I have–sometimes, I start a blog post only to find that my title is, by far, the best part of the piece. Sigh…

  4. Ladies,

    My wish list:

    A Response to Elder Oaks on Feminism
    *Absolute Consecration and Setting Limits with the Church
    Bored for the Lord
    Can You Will Yourself to Love People?
    Declarative Statements and Authority
    Fun with Numbers: Family Size in the Ensign
    GAs’ love-hate relationship with letters
    How Presiding Works in My Marriage
    I suffered; you should have to too
    Is It Better to Have People in Callings They’re Good At?
    Moral Earnestness and Prissy Morality
    More Thoughts on Reason, Revelation, and Prophetic Authority
    Reasoning and Emotional Appeals
    Socializing in Church
    The Scholar and the Beauty Queen at Education Week
    What Factors Lead to Difficult Temple Experiences?
    What’s the Difference Between Scaling Back Expectations and Losing Faith?
    Why I Struggle With Missionary Work

    I eagerly await.

  5. Have you considered making these posts fair game to your readership to see if any of them want to write a guest post?

    I second that!!!!!!!

  6. I vote for:

    Why Did the Chicken Patriarch Cross the Road?
    Why don’t we give up the “we’re Christians” argument?
    Why I Love the Old Testament
    Why Men Are Better Than Women

    Honestly, I vote for a lot of others, but I’m in a hurry and I don’t have time to hop around that list, copying and pasting them.

  7. My votes:

    Those Who Leave the Bloggernacle, But Can’t Leave It Alone
    Would you just please leave?
    Women, Blacks, and Original Sin
    Why don’t we give up the “we’re Christians” argument?
    The Church Hurt Me More Than It Hurt You
    God’s Embodied and Gendered; A Male God Can’t Experientially Understand Female Embodiment

    I also second/third the title poachage idea.

  8. I think the poaching, err, borrowing, err creatively acquiring topics is a great idea. After all, we’re clearly not getting to them as quickly as we’d like to. In fact, if Lynnette were more devious, I might suspect that she made up this entire list just to encourage others to stop by and decide to blog on the topics she finds interesting. Nice work, Lynnette! 🙂

    Jessawhy, the title “Men’s Stunning Incapacity for Abstract Thought” is unfortunately not mine. I suspect Eve is writing it.

    Emily, perhaps we should collaborate. I sometimes have fairly interesting things (I think anyway) to blog about, but my titles are so boring that even I can hardly bear to click on them.

  9. I am curious if blogging ever leads to burnout for the ZD authors. Being so giving of your time, thoughts, and lives must wear you down every once in a while.

  10. Okay, this list definitely whets my appetite.

    My hope-to-see-soon-wish-list:

    Are Church programs goods, betters, or bests??
    Are commandments any easier to nail down than doctrine?
    Bloggers who know
    Bored for the Lord
    How Presiding Works in My Marriage
    Models of Revelation, and the Possibility of Change
    Mormons and Evolution
    Questions About LDS Christology
    Random Things I’ve Learned from Blogging
    The Role of General Authorities
    Those Who Leave the Bloggernacle, But Can’t Leave It Alone
    Unconditional Love (especially if this refers to Elder Nelson’s comments)

  11. I suppose you could just take some of the ones where the title is a question and just use that as the entire post and see where the comments go. Like “how many children?” that one is fairly self explanatory.

    I had an idea for one though.
    “Is the reason that we don’t pray to our heavenly mother because there is more than one of them because God is a polygamist?”


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