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Exponent Call for Submissions

Posted by ZD

Exponent II, we’re happy to see, is resuming publication this year. And they’re looking for submissions. So if you’ve been wanting to write something that has to do with the experience of Mormon women, here’s your chance:


4 Responses to “Exponent Call for Submissions”

  1. 1.

    Yikes – now even Exponent agrees with St. Paul, that women should submit . . . :)

  2. 2.

    No fear; our next post will be titled “ZD Calls for Men to Submit to HM.” ;)

  3. 3.

    My husband said something (jokingly) about submission and Ephesians 5 the other day.

    I responded that he can have an Ephesians 5 marriage just as soon as I get some Ephesians 6 slaves.

  4. 4.

    Kaimi, good one!

    Thanks for the link, ZD!

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