Niblets Nominations

So, our blog is again on the quiet side (and I know that I’m not going to be putting up any more posts until I’m done with first semester grades and comments). Thus, I’m going to direct you all to the Niblets nominations thread over at Mormon Matters. You can look back through all the posts made in 2009 at your favorite blogs in the bloggernacle and nominate posts/bloggers/etc. that you loved. Here’s the link to the nomination thread:

Niblets nominations

If you don’t want to do any nominations, you can also amuse yourself by starting to look through the nomination thread, which already references some great posts from 2009.

P.S. Our very own Ziff will be doing the statistical analysis of the eventual Niblets results!


  1. With fMh down I would think ZD would pull on their Pioneer boots and come to the rescue with some feminist flavored Mormonalia. C’mon Sisters -and yes you get partial credit for Ziff’s MM post but we need more!

  2. It’s true–with FMH down, we should do our best to be a back-up feminist blog. We have lots and lots and lots of drafts in our queue; maybe we should just post them in their half-baked form. 😉 Or else set up an exchange, in which one person does all the academic work while another tackles the blogging. (I wonder whether I could rope any of my siblings into that . . .)


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