Zelophehad’s Daughters

Masculinity Under Siege

Posted by Lynnette

Elaine Dalton’s recent comments about the meaning of pink in a recent edition of the Church News (currently being discussed on BCC), express a concern that girls will want to be like boys. “We want them to understand that they are soft, they are unique, they are feminine and that they don’t have to be […]

Being a 30-something Single Woman in the Church: Part I, Dating

Posted by Seraphine

I’ve been meaning to make a series of posts on being a 30-something single woman in the church, especially as regards the topics of dating, relationships, and sexuality. This past week I read Elna Baker’s The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, and it (along with the conversation prompted by Kevin Barney’s response to […]

Why Are There No Women At This Party?

Posted by Kiskilili

In the past we’ve discussed the problem of women’s exaltation and role in the next life generally. Let’s look now at the complementary problem: women’s absence from the pre-mortal existence. Cosmogonies around the world often make a connection between creation and procreation: female and male elements unite to engender aspects of the known universe. In striking […]

Christmas Reflections

Posted by Seraphine

This year Christmas hasn’t really felt like Christmas. Even with my choir concerts, full of jubilant carols and beautifully done Messiah movements, I’ve had a difficult time getting into the spirit of things. Part of it is that I let my life get too busy the past few months. Teaching, grading, packing boxes, and running […]

And his name shall be called…

Posted by Ziff

In a recent post at T&S, Kaimi suggested it seems to me that church members (and leaders) tend to de-emphasize the use of the single-name description Jesus. We regularly use the name Jesus when it is associated with the title Christ. However, when we use a single-word name, LDS speakers — unlike speakers I’ve heard […]

A Day in My Life (a few years ago)

Posted by Vada

This is a repost of a post I did for FMH‘s A Day in the Life series. I’m resurrecting it now because my little sister recently had her second baby and is feeling overwhelmed. Hopefully this will help her realize that she’s at least doing better than I managed at the same time. Also, I […]

Is Mormonism Anti-Catholic?

Posted by Kiskilili

Here’s how I see the situation (and I’ll admit at the outset that I haven’t entirely been able to make sense of it or read all the relevant history). In a sense, Mormonism is anti-everything. In the ideal Mormon realm no other religions would exist, since their understanding of truth is partial and corrupt; other […]

Is Starbucks Evil Now?

Posted by Eve

Recently, in the course of making Christmas plans for our upcoming visit to Utah, my husband informed me that a member of his extended family considers it morally wrong to set foot in Starbucks, so if we go get the holiday raspberry brownies a couple of other family members enjoy, this first family member will […]

Musings on the Mormon Mary

Posted by Kiskilili

Among Mormons motherhood is held up as the “highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind [sic].” One might discern, then, a vaguely Mary-shaped silhouette in our discourse in the negative space between our focus on Jesus as the consummate man and our insistence on the near-divinity of motherhood.  In the heavenly realm we lack anything other than a wisp of an ultimate example of […]