Zelophehad’s Daughters

Bafflement at the Atonement

Posted by Seraphine

This past month has been miraculous in unexpected ways. As I wrote recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Atonement. I realized this summer that the Atonement was probably the only thing that could heal my relationship with God–I knew the pain was too great for me to muster the faith to trust God again […]

Ordinary members speaking in General Conference

Posted by Ziff

What do you think about having ordinary Church members speak in General Conference?

The Pitfalls of Pluralism

Posted by Lynnette

When it comes to religion, I have strong pluralist sympathies; one of the aspects of the LDS church I personally find the most challenging is the “only true church” claim. I’ve blogged before about why I think it’s a mistake for Mormons to assume that we have nothing to learn from other traditions, or to […]

Aging of the Quorum of the Twelve

Posted by Ziff

Mike Wallace: There are those who say, “This is a gerontocracy. This is a church run by old men.” Gordon B. Hinckley: Isn’t it wonderful to have a man of maturity at the head, a man of judgment who isn’t blown about by every wind of doctrine? [From a 1996 interview on 60 Minutes.]

My Brief, Hideous Encounter with Mormon Single Life

Posted by Eve

A couple of months ago I was in the throes of a personal bread-making craze which has since spent itself, partly because the bread I made wasn’t very good. (I really need to get some pointers from those domestic goddesses over at FMH.) One bread-baking afternoon I took my wedding ring off to knead the […]

My Realization from Sunstone (or How Sunstone Strengthened My Testimony)

Posted by Seraphine

While I have recently found a renewed appreciation for the Mormon community, my worries about God were rolling around in the back of my mind as I went off to Sunstone this year. So, perhaps it was inevitable that the theme that jumped out at me while I attended multiple sessions was a teaching unique […]

My Nacle Notebook 2008: Interesting Comments

Posted by Ziff

Here’s an experience I frequently have on the Bloggernacle. I read a post and think of a great response. Then I read through the comments and find that someone else already made my point, typically with greater eloquence and precision of thought.

Thought Experiement: Giftedness at Church

Posted by Eve

OK, just for fun and just because I can’t seem to stop talking today, I’m going to propose a thought-experiment in the form of a bunch of related questions.

The Trouble with Giftedness

Posted by Eve

A recent thread at Segullah got me, yet again, contemplating my reservations about giftedness.

Proselytizing and Liberal Contempt

Posted by Eve

For me political choice is generally negative; prolonged exposure to the proponents of one set of dogmas tends to drive me into the arms of that dogma’s opponents. By the logic of this unpleasant via negativa, my upbringing in Utah County made me liberal; recent years in the ivory tower, on the other hand, have […]

You’re like a mother to me

Posted by Ziff

When my wife was young and she was first learning to talk, she called two other women “mom” in addition to her mother. Polygamous family? No. The other women were her then-teenage sisters. Given the often large families that Mormons have, I suspect her experience of being well over a decade younger than some of […]