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We’re a bit slow at the moment, we know; evidently all the ZDs have gotten distracted by other life matters (where are our priorities?)  But if you’re looking for something fun to read, you should check out Exponent’s “Best of the Blog 2008.”

11 thoughts on “Check out Exponent’s Best of the Blog

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    And once can bring your attention back to the things that matter most, you’ll do an RSS feed for comments! I just know it! I have faith!

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    Thank you for putting up this link! Deborah worked really hard in getting this issue together. I think it’s beautiful.

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    The Exponent issue looks great. Very well done, Exponenteers.

    And, I know that editorial choices are hard, and no criticism of Deborah’s choices — but I do have to note, in response to comment #2, that Jessawhy would definitely make it on to my own list of Best of the Blog. 🙂

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    Ann, I think there is a comment feed. At least there’s one that I can look at (granted, I’m signed in, so it’s slightly possible that’s the only reason I can see it). It’s at the very bottom of the right hand column, under the heading META. There’s a link that says “Comments RSS”, and it directs you to . Can I only see it because I’m an admin, or does that work for you? If it doesn’t, we’ll have to talk to Lynnette, because I have no experience with RSS feeds.

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    Yes! Ziff pm’d me about it. Because it’s SOOOOOOO FARRRRRRRR DOOOOOWWWWWWWN the page, I had never seen it before.

    It’s wonderful. I saw this comment through my reader.

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    Oh good, Ann, I’m glad it worked. Sorry it’s hidden!

    And Jessawhy, I love your posts, so I echo Kaimi in #4. But then I guess I like the Exponent all the way around, so I can see that it’s a tough field to stand out from.

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    Aw, shucks guys! I really wasn’t fishing for a compliment, I swear.

    The current Exponent edition is best of the early years which is why the newer bloggers are not included in that edition.

    Perhaps there will be more “Best of Blog” editions in the future, I’m not sure, but keep reading just in case. 🙂

    I’m going to try the RSS reader comment thing. I’ll tell you how it goes!

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