Complete Randomness

I haven’t blogged in a while, and I’m feeling a little guilty about it. (This is not to suggest that my fellow bloggers are in any way making me feel guilty. If you hadn’t figured it out, we’re kind of laid back about posting around here. No, the guilt is entirely self-induced.) The thing is, I really don’t have anything interesting to blog about. Not even anything uninteresting that I can make an entire post out of. Because, well, posts require thought (semi-coherent ones do, at least), and I’m currently incapable of thought. (This is a fairly common occurrence, what with 3 kids 3 and under.)

So, I’m now going to string together some completely random thoughts and call them a blog post.

My baby is huge. He’s 7.5 months, but he’s wearing 12mo clothes. He’s not chubby, just really tall and overall a big guy. I’m actually pretty happy about this, because it means his body is actually absorbing nutrients from the foods he’s eating and using them correctly. I struggle mightily with getting his brothers’ bodies to do this. (This is evidenced by the fact that the 2.5yo weighs about 4lbs more than the 7.5mo, and is in the same size diapers.)

I love ice cream. I have to be a little careful how much I eat these days, since I don’t get a lot of dairy, and when I do eat it my body doesn’t always deal with it well. But I love ice cream way too much to give it up. And cereal with milk. I’m not giving that up, either.

While spiders are good for killing bugs, you then have to clean up all the dead bugs, which is kind of gross. (We just moved some furniture to put up the Christmas tree, and let me tell you, there were a lot of spiders at work behind it.)

To keep kids (well, my kids, at least) from destroying the track laid out on the train table, you have to use nails. Lots of nails. Lots of REALLY BIG nails. But now they have cool track to keep them entertained while it’s cold and they can’t go outside.

I’ll be really excited when my replacement sync cable for my ipod gets here, and I can actually put my music on it. Right now it only has my husband’s music on it, and our music tastes (as is the case in most things) are completely and totally different. I’ll be even more excited come Christmas when my brother gets me something so that I can listen to the ipod in the car as I drive 2 hours every day taking my kid to and from preschool. Every day I’m reminded why I always kept my radio tuned to the Christian station in high school — they’re the only ones who actually play music in the morning. (Not to put any undue pressure on my brother — I can actually purchase something to listen to the ipod in the car myself. It’s just that it’s the only idea I gave him of something to get me for Christmas, so I don’t want to take it away from him.)

All right, that’s all I’ve got. Feel free to share your own random thoughts.


  1. as I drive 2 hours every day taking my kid to and from preschool

    Yikes! That sounds like quite a commute!

    I’m also not a big fan of spiders. I appreciate their work, but they’re kind of evil-looking. I’d kind of rather have little lizards eat our bugs if I had a choice. Well, maybe not in the house . . .

  2. Right now it only has my husband’s music on it, and our music tastes (as is the case in most things) are completely and totally different.

    Now there’s a good topic for an entire post. I spent 5 hours in the car with my wife on Saturday. Since she was driving, she also got to choose the music. After about 2 hours, I was ready to saw my own head off, just to make it stop.

    Your train table sounds wonderful.

  3. Regarding huge babies, our Artemis is proportionately even bigger than your child. At 8 months, she’s a perfect fit for 18-month clothing — except in the shoulders, which are already getting tight. There are special challenges, we’re finding, for parents of unusually large babies. Artemis has the coordination, balance, and muscle control of a typical 8-month-old, yet has the mass to inadvertently really hurt her parents or innocent inanimate objects!

  4. My kids all are short and skinny, so we face the opposite issue. My six year old weighs a little over 40 lbs. finally – which means here in Ohio she should be in a booster seat in the car. Right! She’s the youngest of six kids, which means she’s six going on eighteen. Ain’t no way she’ll sit in a car seat of any kind.

    My oldest son, however, grew about four inches during his first two years in college, easily becoming the tallest person on my side of the family at only 6’1″.

    I’m so glad our kids all are out of diapers!

    Two hours round trip to preschool? I don’t know if that’s dedication or just crazy.

    Spiders or lizards – toss the coin.

  5. It’s half an hour one way to preschool, so it’s one hour round trip to take him, and one hour round trip to pick him up. (Actually, it’s only about 25 minutes, but then there’s the taking him in, etc.) But yeah, I laugh (or cry, depending on the day) when someone says that it must be easier with him in preschool all day. It’s way easier to keep him home, but it’s better for him to go, so he does (most days).

    Ray, I’m sure my older two kids will be in booster seats until they’re 8, since most places we’ve lived they have to be in car seats until 8 or 80lbs. There’s no way they’re getting close to 80lbs before they’re 8. The youngest, though, might prove to be a different story.

    BruceC, I agree that randomness is not necessarily a bad thing. I’m rather a fan of it myself 🙂

    Mark, I’ll keep that idea in mind when I start to feel guilty about not having posted again. I could, in fact, easily get an entire blog post out of it.

    RT, luckily, we don’t have too many problems. Probably mostly because he’s such a laid back baby. I think if the oldest had been this big (or as big as yours, yikes!) we would have had some serious issues. On the other hand, pants actually fit him, which was always an issue with the older two, so there are definitely some benefits. 🙂

  6. Stupid car seat laws written and passed by stupid people with stupid, big kids.

    Sorry, forgot for a moment that this is a public forum.

  7. Dear Brother Brown,

    If you would have sawed off your head, I would have called you Shiz.

    Get it?

    Sorry if that was borderline innappropriate. It’s just my little joke. Sometimes even I can engage in lighthearted (but not lightminded) levity.


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