New Look

We hope you like it! But if you don’t, you can go down the sidebar to “themes” and select a different option.

(Technical note: if you’re using a different theme and you want to keep it as the default, without the site reverting back to this one every time you come back again, you need to have cookies enabled, and to use the address “” instead of “”)


  1. Very nice look. I especially like the dancing crocodiles in the upper left corner – and I’ll bet most folks don’t notice that at first.

    [And while we’re on a technical note, the “e-mail Seraphine” link from the “about” page seems to be broken.]

  2. Glad you like the new look! Just don’t let Kaimi know that the dancing crocodiles are really just trees; we’d hate to disappoint him like that.

  3. I’ve seen a bunch of new looks now. I like the misty bridge best.

    Gee, I need you guys to spruce up my negotiation blog at — now that I’ve seen the impressive variations you’ve done.


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