1. Hooray! I love it!

    (Sorry–I hope I didn’t come across as pushy! :()

    I don’t know why Seraphine chose this particular name but, aside from the fact that it’s euphonious, it also comes from “seraph,” some type of fiery divine being in the Old Testament. But it sounds much, much better than Cherubina. 😉

  2. Kiskilili, I was on the verge of making a decision, so your comment gave me just the impetus I needed to finalize it. So, no worries! And part of why I chose the name is because I liked the associated meaning that you outline.

    m&m, no, I didn’t really explain what led me to choose it. Basically, I decided (and had other people tell me) that I should choose a name rather than “s” to go by on the bloggernacle. I thought that would be a good idea. I had a list of names I was considering (many of them were suggestions by my fellow ZD bloggers, including this one), and this one was one of my favorites–both in how it sounded, and also in meaning.

  3. I like it; it fits in so well with the other lovely exotic names around here. And it’s nice to have a seraph around to balance out the resident demoness. 😉


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